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Our Unique Value Proposition (the InVision Advantage) 
InVisions reliance on domestic development facilities, in combination with our Chicago based project management and consulting resources, allow us to offer unique value in the todays competitive technology services marketplace. Our outstanding track record, combined with the lower cost of onshore software development, demonstrates InVision as a top value IT solutions provider.

Project Model: 
InVision offers both off-site and hybrid models for development projects and managing an IT infrastructure. Both feature a proven process that ensures quality, a high degree of support, and overall customer satisfaction.

Our Approach: 
Our developers work directly with clients to create custom software designs following this five-step process:

Requirement Gathering: 
Our consultants provide extensive expertise to our customers and consult with them to determine actual service needs and cost/time requirements. 

Prototyping and Concept Development: 
The services team then creates a prototype that uniquely matches the client's needs. 

Review and Feedback: 
We listen to our client's feedback, and refine the design and concept to deliver the best possible product. 

Product Delivery: 
When the product is ready, we deliver a complete solution together with contracted documentation. 

A tailored support agreement assures the client of ongoing satisfaction.