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Curved Glass Frame             
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This curved glass frame makes any picture an instant work of art. Three 3x5" frames are outlined with a shiny silvertone border.


Vivitar Binoculars
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Rubber armor body covering with recessed lens makes lens caps unnecessary. Case and strap included.


Leaf Ornament Trio
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Leaves are approximately 2" long and come tied with a red satin ribbon in their own box.


Fall Hydrangea Wreath
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A combination of creamy white freeze-dried hydrangeas and rich oak leaves this wreath bridges the gap between summer and fall.

Wooden Clock Box
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Add old-world charm to any room with this classic wooden box clock. Featuring Roman numerals, the clock face is set inside a hinged door.

Pineapple Lantern
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Perfect for entertaining, it can be used indoors or out. Made of tin and frosted glass, it holds a tealight or 3" votive.


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